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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + iOS 14.6 + SkyFi 3 + iOptron Smartstar Cube Pro? (Answer: Read On!)

Hi all, hope I’ve got the right forum. As per request.


  1. App and version number - SkySafari 6
  2. OS version number - iPad Pro 11”, 14.6
  3. Scope make and model - ioptron 8200, smartstar cubepro
  4. Hand controller firmware version number - 8408, HE 170518, RA 150610, DEC 150610
  5. WiFi hardware (i.e. SkyFi 3) - SkyFi 3
  6. Confirm WiFi network connection via mobile device - I can confirm and it is much more stable if I disable DHCP. I often was getting the below with auto.
  7. Serial cables - not 100% sure it’s from ioptron but pretty sure. In any event it works to control my mount with my laptop and is also fine for firmware updates.
  8. SkySafari Scope Type setting - Alt/Az
  9. Alignment type process via hand controller - just a quick one star to get past it.
  10. Screenshot of error message -

Photos of hardware - photo just to show basics -


so I go thru the steps, get a Wi-Fi connection confirmed by going to the skyfi webpage from within skysafari. It won’t connect to the scope tho to control it

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    Ok so I took some time and went through several mount choices. Lo and behold it worked. I’ve shut it all down now to write this, hopefully it will just hook back up. Pic below shows the setup.


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