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Why Does The SkyFi3 Charge Light Keep Flashing After Full Charge?

Hi all,

My SkyFi3 was charging overnight and now the charge light keeps flashing all the time.

Unit turns on OK and I can connect to it over wifi; battery shows 100%. 

Reconnecting the charger doesnt make a difference and the light keeps flashing. I didnt find a reference in the userguide to this light flashing, only the data light?


Kind regards,


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    Keiron Smith


    Please see if the SkyFi 3 unit still operates as expected; i.e. you can connect to the WiFi network and control your mount.


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    Tom V

    Thanks Keiron,

    I did a mock alignment in daylight to test it out and everything seems functional.
    Did a 2 star "alignment" with second star Vega, connected SkySafari to the telescope and it immediately recognized it should point to Vega in the app.

    Did a few GoTos and the mount seemed to go in the correct direction each time.

    Battery shows 90% on the dashboard now, and the charge light has been flashing since saturday, otherwise seems OK for now.

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    Keiron Smith


    I suggest, if the unit is working properly, keep using it.  Maybe it's a flaky light?

    When fully charged, SkyFi 3’s internal rechargeable lithium ion battery should last about 10 hours depending on usage.  Verify the battery has substantial hold.

    You can try resetting the unit.


    1. Power on SkyFi 3.
    2. Press and hold the center button for 5 seconds, then release. The data LED (4, Fig. 1) will begin to flash slowly. When SkyFi 3 has completed the reset it will flash quickly.
    3. Release the center button and SkyFi 3 will power down.
    4. SkyFi 3 has now been configured to its factory settings.

    LED INDICATORS (from the SkyFi 3 manual)

    The power LED is always illuminated when there is power.

    The data LED will blink once per second, when the battery is below approximately 25% full power.

    See what happens regarding the lights while in use.

    If, at anytime within the one year warranty period, you want to have it replaced we can do that for you.


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