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How Come SkySafari 6 Pro For Android DSS Images Downloaded In Landscape Mode Do Not Rotate When Using Portrait Mode?

I have Sky Safari 6 Pro v6.8.6.1 on Android and just found a problem with DSS images.

For any DSS image you have NOT downloaded already, have the phone in landscape mode. Then tap "Info->Show DSS Image" and the DSS image will download and display "as a landscape image".
Now go back to the sky view and then rotate the phone to portrait mode. Again tap "Info->Show DSS Image" for the same object and the image is STILL displayed landscape.

Hopefully this is an easy fix.





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    Keiron Smith


    I can not reproduce this issue.

    1. What Android device are you using?
    2. Do you have another Android device to test with, to see if the issue is reproducible?


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    Lamar McLouth

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ with Android 11 and a Samsung Galaxy Note4 with Android 6.0.1 and it occurs on both of them.

    1. Have the phone in landscape mode.

    2. Select an object that you have not previously downloaded. For example, I just selected NGC 6903.

    3. Tap "Info->Show DSS Image" and the DSS image is downloaded and displayed as "Field: 49'x20'" as a landscape image.

    4. Tap the back button twice to return to the SkySafari main sky display.

    5. Rotate the phone to portrait mode.

    6. Tap "Info->Show DSS Image" and the previously downloaded DSS image is displayed landscape but says "Field: 20'x34'".  I would have assumed the previously downloaded image would be rotated to match the mode the phone was in (portrait or landscape).

    7. If while the DSS image is still displayed you rotate the phone, now the image is shown in landscape with "Field: 20'x34'".

    By the way, tapping the "Redownload Image" button does nothing.

    So it definitely appears whatever format the DSS image is originally downloaded, it stays that way whenever it is displayed.

    And it appears you do not even have to do step 4 completely. Just tap the back button ONCE to return to the "Object Info" page and then rotate as in step 5.




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    Lamar McLouth

    Any update on this?

    It can easily be reproduced.  Just follow the steps I have laid out for you.




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