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[UX Issue]* Sky Calendar Calculates/Displays Wrong Time Zones

Hi all,

Running SN8 Pro v8.1.0.2049 on Win 10.  I'm in Sydney, UTC+10.  In the Sky Calendar, all times are in Israeli time, and the comment at the bottom of Sky Calendar is "All times are local (with respect to the timezone reported by your viewer.)  Your viewer is reporting a UTC offset of GMT-10 hours".

By 'viewer' I assume it means the SN program itself.  However the home timezone is set to Sydney (+10) and all other aspects of time handling seem ok.

Lastly, I've installed on both a laptop and desktop and both have the same issue.  Looks like a bug, walks like a bug... any ideas?




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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    PS... I just tried deleting all the sites, creating a new one and lying about the offset.  I set it to 5h and restarted SN8.  Made no difference - for some reason it's determined that I'm in Israel's TZ.  I'm not using a VPN or anything else strange, Windows is just set to Australian eastern time as it should be.

    I tried accessing the feed directly by putting the link into Firefox --

    Still UTC-10.   So I put that into my work machine's MS Edge browser so I'm testing on a completely different environment - still UTC-10.

    Now looking, walking AND talking like a bug :)

    So I had some gaming friends try it.

    Japan - reports GMT+0

    Canada - reports GMT+5

    Moscow - reports GMT-7

    So yeah.  Definitely completely broken.

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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce this issue, using screenshots.


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    This was done by email, no response received.  Instructions are very simple; Open SN8, go to sky guide, observe that all the notes have the wrong local TZ listed, and that the comment at the bottom of the event list displays the wrong TZ.  Multiple people from multiple TZ can verify.  I also included what I think is the cause, which is a misused JavaScript function, and an explanation.

    Haven't heard back.  The news in those events is largely irrelevant anyway, it's almost entirely northern hemisphere focused, not much content there for those of us down under.

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