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What Happens To Wood In Space? (Answer: Read On!)

I need some perspective & relevant resources for a personal project. What exactly happens to wood in space? Does would rot in space? Can a wooden spaceship be made and launched? What level of woodworking would it require & has it ever been attempted in history? I read a couple of stuff about japan doing space stuff with wood but there's hardly much content or updates. What are the pros & cons of wood over metal & how 

One way of looking at wood is that it is an advanced fiber composite. Some hardwoods, having good dimensional stability with temperature, have been used as the structure underneath a return capsule heatshield (unmanned). No references I'm afraid for that, something that was passed onto me by word of mouth from an old hand working in the 60's and 70's.

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    Josh Wa

    I think you would have a few issues. Wood is porous and it probably wouldn’t be airtight. Second, any water that was part of the wood would probably boil out when it froze, and leave a dry husky cellular mess which may not be wood anymore. Structurally, why not. But you’d have to protect it from space. Even a kiln dried wood is around 6-8% water, so I would think the wood would not be the best choice. If it was still wood in soace

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