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Suggestion for new feature: show / hide labels for stars etc.

After using Skysafari for a while I'm quite pleased about the features, handling options etc.

I do however suggest a feature that allows instantly to hide / show star labels etc, maybe also for the grid display.

Despite the fact that this forum looks rather dead concerning the reception of such requests, judging  the faint feedback ...

There is still people like me out there that uses Skysafari solely as portable map for overview and detailed localisation of the wished element. Without any fancy automated/motorized gear. For this, it would be great to see stars / DSO etc. only for a possibly best view of the surrounding area without any disturbing elements, like labels.

For example, if you import say a interesting double-star list for a constellation, the screen gets literally plastered full with labels when viewing that constellation, very annoying.

It could be placed well into one of both pop-up windows on top location / view angle, so instantly accessible.

Already suggested long ago:


P.S.:the overview layout, or better its non-existence, of this forum is simply atrocious ...


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