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SN8 Bring to Front

I may be the only one who's noticed this.. but on all 3 of my machines, clicking SN8 on the Win10 taskbar doesn't bring it to the front.  For example if I have Firefox open and click SN8, the icon on the taskbar highlights, and if I can see the SN8 window anywhere I can see it gets focus, but it stays behind Firefox.  Clicking the SN8 icon again minimizes the app, and clicking it a third time pops it up - this time in front of everything else.

This means when moving between other apps and SN8 I have to select SN8 three times to get it to appear and be accessible.  My 3 machines use different hardware, I've tried clean boots, and it's 100% reproducible with those simple steps above.  I can't see that it's anything unique to my setup.  It's mildly annoying but hardly serious, thought I'd see if anyone else has noticed the same thing.


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