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SN8 hiding menu bar

On one of my 3 machines, SN8 has now decided to arbitrarily hide its menu bar.  That is, File, View, Observe etc is completely missing.  However clicking the mouse on the black bar with the location and time, gives me the menu bar drop-down options instead.  I've uninstalled, cleaned all the SN8 directories from AppData and reinstalled - same thing.

Honestly I'm at a loss with this software.  I am running into bug after bug and there's no feedback from support other than 'please let us know how to reproduce the issue'.  In this case I have no idea how.  I open SN8 and there's no menu. I've tried turning off / on the OpenGL options and various shaders.

I'm going to try some alternative software, SN8 just keeps surprising me with weird problems.


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