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Panorama shows up on Android 11 but not 9 (both SS6 Pro)?

I have two virtually identical panoramic images but one of them won't show up in SS6 Pro on my Samsung TAB A tablet (Android 9). Both of them show up on my Google Pixel 4a phone (Android 11). Same version of SS6 Pro on both devices:

The images are identical except one includes local skyglow while the other doesn't (it's on a layer in the original XCF image I hide / display before exporting the PNG). They were both done in the same image editor (GIMP), etc., etc. The same files were copied to both devices and I've confirmed both files on the tablet have the same ownership and permissions. They look identical in that regard, but SS6 Pro shows only one of them in the Horizon settings on the tablet.

Any idea why? I've done numerous SkySafari panos in the past and otherwise all is OK. Just this one weird issue.



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