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[UX Issue] Saving Observation Closes Session Or Returns To Different Screen (Solution: Fix In Update)

I just subscribed to premium

I'm editing observations that are not linked to sessions or observing lists to assign them to a generic session. This is in hope Skysafari Android & iPAD stops crashing when I click on "observations".

When I save, any of these things can happen, randomly:

* It goes back to Observations (that's what I expect and want)

* It goes to any other tab (e.g. dashboard, the most usual, not desired).

* it logs off and I have to login again (very annoying)


BTW, it will be nice that tables can be sorted by any type of field. Update of changes its taking also long.


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    Kyle Hendicks

    Hello Santiago,

    Thank you for the feedback. I will look into this bug and see if I can reproduce.

    Kyle Hendricks

    Simulation Curriculum Development Team

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    Santiago Barroso

    I didn´t have that problem lately. However, in certain computer I had better behavior using MS edge than Chrome or Firefox. I did not go into study that issue, so it may be due to the particulars of that computer and the time I was doing it.

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