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How Come SkySafari 6 Pro Will Not Launch On Samsung Galaxy 9? (Answer: Google Made Changes - Reinstall The Apps To Fix The StartUp Issue)

Sky Safari 6 Pro used to work on my Samsung Galaxy 9 phone as recently as a few weeks ago but tonight clicking the icon and the splash screen shows for about 1 second and then it kicks me back to my apps screen.  I rebooted and got the same result.  I've decide to ask this question before I see if Uninstalling and reinstalling (assuming it would let me) makes it work again.  Is there a standard fix for this issue?


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    Keiron Smith

    Jairo Peralta

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    Jairo Peralta

    Hello Mike,

    Try to uninstall/install SkySafari 6 Pro.

    If this doesn't work, share with us the following information:

    • Android device model name
    • Android OS version
    • SkySafari 6 Pro version
    • RAM usage
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