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How Come SkySafari Pro Will Not Launch On My Android Phone (Answer: Google Changed App Data Integration And The Internal Data And Memory Requirements Are More Demanding, And Difficult For Much Older Phones)

Hello! I am remove old version SkySafari Pro from my phone (Sony Xperia M5 Dual (E5633), Android 6.0. 3Gb RAM (500GB free) and 16GB memory (3,86GB free)). My phone was be without this program about 8 month. In last fryday i want restore  Sky Safari. He is download about 18Mb (it's strange - old version download 1,5...1,7Gb) on home WiFi web, and install him on phone. After this action SkySafari donload second massive file. After installing program launch without view of sky (only menu view and black screen). And next time program generally refused to start. What could be the cause of such a failure? 


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    Jairo Peralta

    Hello Michael,

    Google changed the way of app-data integration, that's why you see downloading more files.

    Try to uninstall/install your SkySafari 6 Pro app and wait until all post installation app-data is downloaded.

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    Michael Grehov

    Ok, Jairo. Thanks! I will try to reinstall the program and run it again!

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