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How Come The SkySafari 6 Keyboard Is Only Partially Reddened In Night Vision Mode? (Answer: Read On For Steps To Enable Specific SkySafari 6 Keyboard Mode)

Recently I replaced my Samsung Galaxy A5 by a new A52. Now in night mode the keyboard is only partially covered by the red overlay. The upper part of the keyboard remains white and not reddened! This completely ruins night vision when using SkySafari at the telescope. Resizing the keyboard does not help, the size of the overlay is also reduced, so the issue remains.

It also appears strange to me that after using the 'search' function the keyboard does not disappear at all.

I am using SkySafari 6 plus (Version with Android Version 11. Attached are two screen shots showing the behavior.






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    Jairo Peralta

    Hello Norbert,

    To fix your problem you can use SkySafari 6 Plus keyboard.

    Steps to enable SkySafari 6 Plus Keyboard:

    • Go to Settings->General Management->Keyboard list and default
    • Enable Skysafari 6 Plus keyboard
    • Go to SkySafari 6 Plus app
    • Type something
    • Press keyboard list button
    • Select SkySafari 6 Plus keyboard

    Best regards,

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    Norbert Loechel

    Hello Jairo,

    thank you very much for your fast answer! The procedure you recommend completely cures my problem of the partially white keyboard in SkySafari. Now the keyboard will be red in all apps. However, this can be cured by pressing the 'keyboard list button' you have marked in the picture again and going back to the standard 'Samsung keyboard'.

    For anybody encountering the problem with the keyboard not disappearing after performing a search function: It will remain on the screen only when using the 'magnifying glass key' on the right hand side of the entry bar. If you press the 'magnifying glass key' on the keyboard, it will disappear after the search.

    Thanks again and best regards


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