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Can I Get A Refund For SkySafari 3? (Answer: Contact Apple Support For Any Refund Requests)

I'm hoping someone could assist as I've been without this wonderful app for a while and now finally getting around to resolving the issue.

I don't know if it is the same app creator or if Simulation Curriculum Corp. acquired the original sky safari app, however, the SkySafari 3 Pro App and SkySafari 3 I purchased in 2013 is not being updated and I'm looking to be refunded (or other) so that I can upgrade.
I have receipts for both.

Nothing comes close to Sky Safari.


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    Long ago, SkySafari decided against a subscription based app (thankfully), but this resulted in them charging again every couple of years for major upgrades. Tons of software works in this way, think Microsoft Windows or Office, up until very recently. With SS7 coming out in the next week, it would be a great time to upgrade, but a refund for 8 year old software seems unfair (to Simulation Curriculum) in my opinion.

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    Nabil Osman

    Hi I would like to cancel my sky safari pro7. I donwaloaded yesteray and it is very overwheleming for me. 

    what should I do ? 


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