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Option to NOT have Compass Icon in Right Corner of Screen (or Anywhere Else)

I definitely do not like the Compass icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  Is there anyway to turn this off?  For the entire time I'm actually observing at night, I don't see any rational use for this feature.  The only times I've ever used the Compass is in twilight to get a better idea of the location of an object in a bright sky.  At night, I don't see how Compass could be useful for any amateur astronomer who knows the constellations and the night sky, unless they are observing under heavy light pollution.  In my opinion, at night under a clear sky without heavy light pollution, Compass is a feature for newbies, not experienced amateur astronomers.  Which is fine for newbies, but not for experienced amateur astronomers!  For me, it just gets in the way and takes up space on the screen.  In fact, several times I accidently tapped the Compass icon, which sent the chart down into the southern hemisphere!  Then I had to turn off the Compass and refind the target in SSP.

Please give us the option to remove the Compass icon from the screen.


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