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What Additional Equipment Should Be Pre-Populated By Default In Observe > My Equipment?

Using Observe > My Equipment > you can add (+) your own equipment from the following pre-populated categories:

  • Telscopes
  • Eyepieces
  • Binoculars & Finders
  • Cameras
  • Barlows & Focal Reducers

Please see the current equipment list below and add any equipment that you want to see included by default.



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    Harro Treur

    The list seems more than adequate to me. But I have a comment for the Televue Paracorr. This item  has a magnification factor of 1.15. But there is only room for one digit. So 1.15 becomes 1.1 . Please add a second digit to solve this problem.

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    Thanks for offering this opportunity to the community!

    Comma-delimited list follows:


    Astronomers Without Borders,AWB OneSky Reflector,OneSky,130,650,5,Newtonian Reflector,650
    Stellarvue,9x50 Finder Scope,F050M2,50,200,Achromatic,200
    Stellarvue,10x60 Finder Scope,F060M2,60,225,Achromatic,225
    Stellarvue,13x80 Finder Scope,F080M2,80,300,Achromatic,300

    (The most common are 8x25, 10x30, 12x36, 10x42, 15x50, and 18x50).

    Canon,8x20 IS,3639C002AA,8,20,6.6,346,2.5
    Canon,8x25 IS,7562A002AB,8,25,6.6,346,3.1
    Canon,10x20 IS,3640C002AA,10,20,5.3,278,2
    Canon,10x30 IS II,9525B002AA,10,30,6,314,3
    Canon,10x32 IS,1372C002AA,10,32,6,314,3.2
    Canon,10x42 L IS WP,0155B002AB,10,42,6.5,340,4.2
    Canon,12x32 IS,1373C002AA,12,32,5,262,2.7
    Canon,12x36 IS III,9526B002AA,12,36,5,262,3
    Canon,14x32 IS,1374C002AA,14,32,4.3,225,2.3
    Canon,15x50 IS All Weather,4625A002AB,15,50,4.5,236,3.3
    Canon,18x50 IS All Weather,4624A002AB,18,50,3.7,194,2.8


    Explore Scientific,92° 17,EPWP9217-01,17,92,2
    Explore Scientific,92° 12,EPWP9212-01,12,92,2
    Leitz,88° 30,,30,88,2

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    Sterrenwacht Presikheaven

    I've added the Omegon Astrograph 154/600 and 304/1200 to the Telescope section.

    I also added the Canon R range  (RP, R, R3, R5, R6) to the DSLR section although they are technically not DSLR's.

    I noticed there is only one ZWO ASI planetary camera in the CCD section. Perhaps you should add several more (or all). Anyway, I added mine, the ZWO ASI 120MC-S.

    Cheerfully yours,

    Floris-Jan van der Meulen

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    Pretty comprehensive list Keiron,

    I would add both QHY Cmos planetary and Cmos Deepsky cameras along with the ZWO ones as well. Added my few cameras. QHY163C and M, ASI 174MM, ASI178MC.

    Looks like someone has suggested the Canon R series might include the Ra with the R basically the same just Canon's Astro modified version.

    I added my Antares 0.7 and 0.5 2" reducers, Explore Scientific 2X Extender , 8x25 Swarovski Binoculars and the Zeiss 8x56 Binoculars.

    Added my Baader 10x60 Vario-finder as well

    Best Regards





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    Pedro Braganca

    Thank you! Keep them coming - we'll compile them for a future update.

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    Ed Wilson

    Here’s my penny worth! I wonder really how useful this list is unless you could keep it absolutely up to date?! Of course I would have found it convenient if all the items in my equipment (three Sky-Watcher brand scopes plus a SharpStar, four ZWO cameras, Canon cameras, Celestron binoculars and lots of eyepieces) were already in the database, but several things make this difficult: the descriptive terms used in different markets make for confusion, so finding an item is not guaranteed even if it is already present in the list, and secondly from platesolving I have learned what the actual focal lengths of my telescopes are. Happily I find it relatively easy to start a Custom item and enter the measured focal lengths rather than the specified ones.

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    Ed Wilson For me, having a selectable default is really, really helpful because it cuts out a lot of tapping when putting equipment together.

    You can then edit it later to tune it to your needs, like you are doing with your actual focal length numbers.

    I can't tell you how nice it is during star parties when I borrow a popular but unfamiliar (to me) eyepiece that I can immediately mock up its FOV in SkySafari because the EP is on the list.

    I can also appreciate why they're asking for input: having a well-populated list adds to the impression that SkySafari is "with it" as far as popular amateur astronomy equipment goes.

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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Ed, it is convenient for many users, especially on gear such as cameras which can be a bit trickier to setup.  If you want to add any gear, please do use the spreadsheet.  

    In 7.0.2, you'll be able to create a copy of static equipment so you can edit it on your own too.

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