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If I Buy A New Phone Do I Have To Purchase SkySafari Again? (Answer: No)

I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus. If I get a new iPhone 13 Pro Max can I still download the SkySafari 5 Pro as well as 7 Pro apps? 


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    A related issue, I have a iPad Air 2, with SSP 4 that say "SSP" Needs to Be Updated. This app needs to be updated to work with this version of iOS. However, nothing happen when I touch the "Update".


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    Keiron Smith

    SkySafari 5 should still work, but no guarantees.

    SkySafari 4 does not work with the latest versions of iOS.

    As Apple updates iOS older apps break and lose compatibility.

    However, SS4 and SS5 will both always work on the versions of iOS for which they were developed.


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