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Why Can't I Create Observing Lists With Starry Night CSAP 8? (Answer: Observing Lists Are Available In Starry Night Pro 8 - Upgrade For A Discount)

Greetings,  I have been a Starry Night user for about 20 minutes, so this may be simple: I would like to create an observing list.  On the menu, I went to "Observe", and then "Observing Lists", but "Observing Lists" was grayed out and unusable.

Could some one help with this?

Thank you very much,


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    Keiron Smith


    CSAP 8 does not have offer those Pro-level features.  The features are visible to let you know what can be done if you upgrade to a more advanced program.  You will want Pro 8 for all the advanced features and functionality.

    Please see here:

    1. Choose your V8 program: Pro 8
    2. Choose your Upgrade Discount: CSAP 8
    3. Enter your previous registration:

    Thanks for your patience waiting for a reply!


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