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SS7 Info Panel Text Overwrites Object Info Stock Images

After having upgraded to SS7 I have noticed that the default pictures of the objects can often not be seen in the information layout.

It may look nifty to have the picture shown behind the name of the object, but for those objects that do not have a longer article with its own pictures, the pictures is no longer useful.

i include a couple of screen shots to show what I mean.

Form my iPhone 12 mini (sorry about the large picture, I don’t know how to avoid it being enlarged to fill the frames):

You see that text completely blurs the underlying picture.

This is from an iPad Air 2:

In this case only the header blocks the picture.

in SS6 the default pictures were useful, rather than a background feature.


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    Keiron Smith

    Please include a screenshot from SS6 that shows the default object image.


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    Well, I concede the point: there was no picture in SS6 at all. My memory fades that fast!

    i still think it is a shame that the text is written over the picture in SS7 though.

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    Keiron Smith

    I think you are remembering how the descriptions are presented in Starry Night?

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