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How Come What's New & Sky Calendar Are Empty? (Answer: Now Fixed!)

Found the "What's New" box that appears at launch empty.

Today discovered the SkyGuide Sky Calendar is also void of any information, save for a message reading, "All times are local (with respect to the timezone reported by yourviewer).

"Your viewer is reporting a UTC offset of GMT +6 hours.

"Occultations of planets and bright stars are by the moon unlessnoted otherwise. General locations are given for these occultations.For observers outside these locations, close conjunctions of themoon and objects may be observed."

Have these features again been discontinued?  I see on the Forums this was a topic a few years ago with SN6, but I've SN8 Enthusiast and Pro, and recall there was data available previously.


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    Apparent solution:  I made certain I was logged in to my active LiveSky account, returned to SN8 and refreshed the SkyGuide a few times.  Both the What's New box and the Sky Calendar were populated with info.

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Christopher.

    Developers pushed a fix about that time.

    All good!

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    Hey, Keiron!  It appears we've a reappearance of the shortfall again:  not only is the feed from not showing, the entire SkyGuide is blank at this time.

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