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Could we please program SNP to be aware of a "Custom Local Horizon" when predicting "visibility?"

The "custom local horizon" is definitely a powerful feature. Using it, we can visually confirm more or less exactly when an object will become visible (or when it will set) by simulating the object's path, visually, over the course of the night in question. But could we please consider improving this feature by making Starry Night Pro "aware" of this horizon when predicting whether or not the object is visible? Because, as best I can determine, right now, Starry Night Pro pays zero attention to the custom local horizon when "showing up" or "graying out" the object in the finder. Am I correct? Other astronomy software (like AstroPlanner) is aware of the custom local horizon. I love Starry Night Pro and I want it to be the best software out there. Thanks for your work!


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    I would like to see this feature as well. I would add that it would be very user friendly if we could use existing horizon files. A-P uses the *.hrz format. It would be incredible if I could use my existing .hrz files to create SN8 horizons for my different viewing and astrophotography locations.

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