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How To Search For Stars, Galaxies & Deep Sky Objects In SkySafari 7 Pro (Answer: Read On!)

I read that Sky Safari 7 Pro has over 100 million stars and 3 million galaxies, but when I bring up the search bar, there's a "Common Object Lists" below with the "Brightest", "Nearest", "Best Double", and "Best Variable" stars. Also I haven't found a Galaxies list. Is there a place in the app where I can find a list of all 100 million stars and a list of all 3 million galaxies? I already downloaded the PGC Galaxy Database and the GAIA Star Database. Just trying to figure out how to search up all those stars and galaxies now. Also I tried entering PGC into the search bar and there's a message at the top saying "10,000 Objects Found". How do I find the other 2,990,000 galaxies?


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    Jerald Campbell

    Also, where can I find the Apollo Lunar Missions in Sky Safari 7 Pro?

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    Keiron Smith


    There is no single list to view of 100 million objects.

    You can search for the objects - and create your own lists.  Or, you can download pre-compiled lists.

    Please review:

    Help > Search Help

    The Apollo Missions are not yet available in SS7 Pro.  

    Developers will release and update with the Apollo Missions in 2022.


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