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Can you Render most of the Minor Moons in SkySafari 7 Pro?

Hello! 👋

So far, I really like your new SkySafari 7 Pro app. It's colourful, detailed and has a lot of objects I can find in the sky! What I mostly like about the app is exploring Planets, Moons & Stars.. it's an amazing feature, in my opinion 😀

But I do have something to say about most of the solar system's Minor Moons, Not the major moons...

Whenever I explore some Minor Moons on SS7 Pro like Amalthea, Phobos, Nix etc, they show details and shape. But with other moons like Himalia, Pan, Skoll, Non-named Moons (e.g. S/2003 J19), they only show cartoony white circle with the night side and that makes me disappointed because I would love to see the details on the Minor Moons like in these image for example:

Image 1: Metis (Jupiter's Moon)

Image 2: Himalia (Jupiter's Moon) 

Image 3: Skoll (Saturn's Moon)

Image 4: Sycorax (Uranus's Moon)

Image 5: Hippocamp (Neptune's Moon)

So, my question is: If possible, can you render all/most of the Solar System's Minor Moons to show the details and its shape on SkySafari 7 Pro, please? If you do that, I will be really happy 👍

Also, me being disappointed at non-detailed moons doesn't mean I dislike your SkySafari app, I still really like it! Keep up the good work and have a nice day! 



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