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What Is SynScan Pro App On Android 12 Workaround For Crashing When Reading The Location Sensor? (Answer: Set The Location Manually - Read On!)

Question Yesterday I received my new device. Google Pixel 6 Pro on Android 12. It appears that the SynScan Pro app hasn't caught up yet. When I try to launch 1.19.15 or 1.19.16 (Betas), the app Force Closes when tring to determine location. The earlier versions just freeze so I am unable to connect to the scope. This also renders Sky Safari 6 Pro unusable. Trying to get support or in contact with the developer is going nowhere. My scope is an Orion XX12G with built in WiFi. My question is I've been hearing about an update coming. Will the update still require running the SynScan app or is direct connection being baked into SkySafari? I have also signed up for the beta program via Google Play so when the app is beta ready I'll be ready!


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    A S

    Hello Mike, set up the location manually for the moment, see SynScan release notes:
    "## 2022-01-19  v1.19.16
    • Workaround for Android 12 crashing when reading location sensor. For Android:
      • not read location sensor during app startup
      • not use location sensor by default, and ignore previous read location sensor settings
    • ensure location sensor works before saving the setting to use it automatically"
    Regards Achim

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    Mike Atkins

    Thank You

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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you, A S!

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