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How To Set The Time & Date In SynScan Hand Controller V5 Using SkySafari Pro And SynScan WiFi?

Hello everybody,

Setting date & time (& location) from Sky Safari Pro to SynScan V5 Hand Controller is not working with my current setup:

- Sky Safari Pro

- Orion Synscan V5 hand controller with SW 04.39.20

- ScanFi WiFi modul for hand controller

- Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 with USB port

I can connect to telescope from Sky Safari and it is possible to move the mount. Set date and time box is checked. If I verify date and time after connection is established, still wrong date & time is shown in SynScan display.

Can you help on this issue?

This feature has alread been discussed here and should work:


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    Keiron Smith


    What version of SkySafari? What OS?

    A S might be able to help.


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    I use:
    Sky Safari Pro v6.8.6.14
    Android 11

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    A S

    Hello Bulli, I recommend not using a hand-controller at all. You can do everything with the Smartphone (Synscan and / or Skysafari).
    Direct connect the Wifi-module into the slot where the hand-controller was connected. And date / time / location are there.
    Regards Achim

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    Hi Achim,

    I have ScanFi WiFi adapter for RJ11 connector at hand controler. For two star alignment (in azimuth mode) I prefer to use the hand controller due to the rubber keys.

    is the following procedure reasonable:
    1.) switch on mount
    2.) connect Sky Safari via WiFi modul
    3.) do star alignment with hand controller
    4.) continue controll with Sky Safari

    I think date, time and location is stored in the motor controller of AZ EQ6 mount? Will this data be overwritten if I do star alignment with hand controller?
    I think it is easy to set time, date and location from sky safari in handcontroller, only two commands, see  page 4:
    I'm wondering to create a small script for Android, if it is not possible or senseful to implement this in Sky Safari, but I'm no a programmer.

    Regards, Bulli

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    A S

    Hi Bulli,

    "For two star alignment (in azimuth mode)": Same with me on a Skywatcher 300P Dobson, but movement with the Synscan App until 2-star-alignment is completed. All following is done via SkySafari.

    "date, time and location is stored in the motor controller": Yes, everything is in the motor controller, the hand controller is just an input device, as also the WIFI-module is at the same connector

    "Will this data be overwritten if I do star alignment with hand controller?": I can't answer, I used the hand controller only once to test the motors after unpacking and assembly of the telescope.

    Regards Achim

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