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How To Magnify A Planet/Sun If It's The One The User Orbits Around? (Answer: Read On!)

Dear forum members and developers,

I am making a sky simulation for the primary school class of my daughter and I stumbled upon a strange phenomenon. There is an useful feature which allows you to enlarge the planets and/or the Sun in order to see them easily from viewpoints far away. It's strange though that you can enlarge all of those - except the one which is currently selected and orbited around.

I mean if I select the Sun, then 'Go there', then back away from the Sun to see the solar system, I can enlarge all the planets but not the Sun. (The relevant slider can be moved but the size of the Sun doesn't follow the new setting). If I select, say, Mercury, 'Go there', then I can enlarge the Sun but not Mercury.

Do you possibly know why is that?

Thank you for any information! :)


(In the picture, Uranus is magnified for the purpose of demonstrating the issue. The magnifying slider is set to the right end properly. However if you check the slider of the Sun, it is also at the right extreme position but the size of the Sun remained the same. Here the Sun is the object orbited by me.)


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    Keiron Smith


    The solution is to elevate above an object that you do not want to magnify (or position yourself somewhere irrelevant to the simulation in 3D space).

    You can do this easily by going to

    Favorites > Solar System > Inner Planets > Inner Solar System


    Favorites > Solar System > Outer Planets > Outer Solar System

    Now all the planets visible can be magnified.

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    Krisztian Kerepesy

    Dear Keiron,

    thank you for the solution!!


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