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Can I install SN8 On More Than One Computer? (Answer: Read On!)

Good Day;

I have decided to purchase Starry Night Pro 8 plus. (Software)

I have poured the concrete pad for a new observatory (did so fall of 2021), and I will get the new observatory built/completed sometime during the summer of 2022.   At the moment, there is still about 8' of snow on the pad, so I am not building anything for a few months!

I am going to be purchasing a new laptop, when the observatory is built and operational, to run the Starry Night software, but FOR NOW, I want to install Starry Night software on a computer - which I have now - you know, to set it up and 'try' to connect it to my EQ8 mount - get used to the software and hopefully make the link between the laptop I have now and the EQ8.   This will be a temporary setup.

My question: will you allow me to install the Starry Night Pro 8 software on the NEW computer - when it's purchased this fall - of 2022 OR do I have to purchase a second license to install it on the NEW computer?

I understand business and I am not against paying for a second license if this is necessary, I just want to be sure that I have asked the question before I make the purchase.    I know that there are SCAMMERS out there who are always looking to take advantage: I'm not one of these people, but I am retired and an old fellow, so I must be a little bit careful with my funds.  If there is a new installation license required, then I need to know the approximate price - please.

It may be prudent to just wait until the summer of 2022 and when I purchase the new laptop, then purchase Starry Night Pro 8 and then install it once on the new laptop.

Thanks for your help.

(Gosh, I hope that it's not too difficult to connect Starry Night 8 Pro on a new laptop and then make a hardwired connection to the EQ8?    I'll let you know how that goes.  :0))    )



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    Jonathan, I don't work for Sim Curr, but I can tell you -- that should totally be possible. You could go on and buy Starry Night Pro now and install it on your current machine. Save the install file onto a USB memory stick. When the time comes that you're ready to transfer, just uninstall it from your current machine, copy the install file onto your new machine, and re-run the install. Use the same credentials to install it onto your new machine and it should work perfectly.

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    It's not difficult to connect your laptop to your mount if your mount has a USB port. A simple USB printer cable will do the trick.

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    Keiron Smith

    Technically, the license purchased is for one install, on one computer, at any one time.

    But, we understand the need to have more than one installation; i.e. one for home and one for the field, etc.

    So, as a courtesy, additional installations are fine, provided you also own the additional computers.

    Thanks for asking!

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