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How Come SN8 Disconnects When Using An INDI Interface Via MacOS? (Answer: SN8 Does Not Officially Support INDI, But SkySafari 7 Does - Read On)

I have a Macbook Air running OSX 12.2.1 connected to an Orion SkyView Pro mount via USB to serial cable. I want to use Starry Night 8 as my planetarium software. I use PHD2 for guiding, with an ASI120mm-s camera. The problem I have is on the Mac is that when I connect to the mount via INDI for the guiding, Starry Night cannot connect via the serial cable. I can connect to Starry Night prior to using the INDI interface, but once I start INDI and connect the mount, Starry Night disconnects saying it has lost communication, check the cables or connection.

Other than using an ST-4 connection for the guiding and serial for starry night (or reverse) is there anyway for both PHD2 and Starry Night o connect?

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    Keiron Smith


    SN8 does not officially support INDI configurations.  So, I can not offer a solution for your setup.  However, SkySafari 7 does support INDI and Alpaca on iOS, and will when it is release for MacOS.  So, I would suggest testing with SS7 on iOS or when it is available for MacOS.


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