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How To Use SkySafari To Drive A Telescope To Specific Lunar Craters? (Answer: Read On!)

Will any version of SkySafari do this?

I have been able to command my LX 200 telescope using Sky Safari and Sky Wire and it works very well.


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    Keiron Smith

    SkySafari Plus and Pro include telescope control.


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    Thanks for your quick response.  I guess I was not clear enough in my original post.  I am asking for something like the following:  When you go to search there would be options under moon say that listed specific craters, maria, etc that you could select and then do a go-to that would center that selection in your eyepiece.

    Thanks again!


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    Individual Moon craters have been in SkySafari for a long time. You can search for the crater, and make a GO TO command to the telescope. My telescope is not nearly precise enough to be able to center the crater so accurately that I can use this to identify the crater, but the crater will always be in the view somewhere.

    When observing the Moon with SkySafari, there is this obvious limitation: individual features look very different depending on the angle of the Sun, but in SkySafari there is only the full Moon view, even though the correct phase is shown. This makes it very difficult to use SkySafari for identifying Moon features. It cannot be otherwise unless SkySafari got a 3D model of the Moon surface which would be rather heavy on CPU power.

    I can only recommend to use a dedicated Moon map program that can show the look of the features at different phases of the Moon cycle.

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