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How To Connect To An Orion Skyview Pro Using Starry Night Pro 8 On MacOS? (Answer: Read On!)

I have given up on using Starry night with my Mac OSX as it does not support INDI or Alpaca, but I am having an issue on both Mac and Windows. When I have Starrry night connected to either Mac OR Windows via a USB to Serial cable (I have used both a USB to RS-232 with an 232 to RJ-11 cable AND a direct USB to RJ-11 cable) to my SynScan handset, when I do a 3 star alignment, the first two stars are fine, but when I go to the third star, the handset freezes up and I have to shut of the controller and restart. If I don't have Starry Night connected, it works fine. I also will get a communication error with Starry Night since the computer and the handset can no longer communicate.

When attached to my Mac I use the Serial connection, with Windows I attach via ASCOM. I have tried both the Orion driver and the SkyWatcher Synscan driver, with no difference (Mac). On Windows the Synscan ASCOM driver

I have also noticed that if I do not do a full alignment (I can only do a two star when attached to Starry Night), the software is not accurate as to where the scope is pointing.

I like the Starry Night software and interface better than Stellarium or Carte du Ciel, but I have to say that after purchasing the upgrade to Starry Night 8 Pro, I am very disappointed in how erratic and buggy the software (both Windows and Mac) seem to be. The fact there is no INDI support is also disappointing.

Just as an FYI, I am using SynScan Version 04.39.05, attached to an Orion Skyview Pro mount. I have tried Mac OSX High Sierra and Monteray (Mac M1 chip and Intel),and WIndows 10.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be great


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    Martin, I'm sooooooooo sorry to hear this. I hope SimCurr can help.

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    Keiron Smith


    Please complete your alignment with the hand controller before connecting with SN8 Pro.

    On Mac, choose ScopeType: Orion SkyView Pro.

    On Windows, I think you need the SkyWatcher Synscan driver.

    Mac is easier to setup for testing, easier to find success.




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