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SynScan Pro Version 2.0.0 Android App On Google Play (Message From SynScan Developers To The SkySafari + SynScan Users)

We just released SynScan Pro app version 2.0.0 on Google Play.

This is our first version of SynScan app developed with QT, yet we have not figured out how to keep the app running in the background and acting as a TCP server. As a result, your Skysafari app will not be able to work with this version of  SynScan Pro normally to control a Skywatcher mount. We will continue to work on this issue.

As a temporary solution, we suggest our users make use of the Freeform feature provided by Android and run the SynScan Pro app in a smaller floating window while using Skysafari.

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    Mike Atkins

    SynScan 2.0.6 is out! Get it directly from SkyWatcher or the App Store!

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