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Night Vision Mode Turns Screen Green Not Red (Solution: Update To MacOS 12.3.1)

I just bought SkySafari 6 Pro. 
Installed in Macbook Pro M1 MAX. 
Pressing night vision toggles the screen to green text and everything else black.
Pressing it again toggles everything to nice "red vision" (text and screen) for 1 second, and then to color again. 
I couldn't find a way to turn it to red for a viewing session. 
As I'm traveling to Nambia for a week this Wed., it's acutely important for me to have a solution to this. 


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    While waiting for a response from Simulation Curriculum, allow me to add my 2 cents.

    I'm using the same version of SkySafari and hardware that you are (SkySafari 6.8.2 Pro, MacBook Pro M1 Max (16-inch), macOS 12.3.1). However, I am unable to reproduce your problem. Activating Night Vision mode turns the screen red, as expected.

    When an application starts behaving badly, one of my troubleshooting techniques is to delete the application's preference or settings files. Sky Safari has two files that are updated every time the application is run. They are [CurrentSettings].skyset, and com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6MacPro.plist.

    NOTE: Deleting these files may cause you to lose some settings and preferences, so be prepared to restore them manually later.

    The two files are buried deep in the following paths:

    /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Containers/com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6MacPro/Data/Library/Application Support/SkySafari 6 Pro/[CurrentSettings].skyset

    /Users/YOUR USER NAME/Library/Containers/com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6MacPro/Data/Library/Preferences/com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6MacPro.plist

    I recommend the following procedure:

    1 - Quit SkySafari.

    2 - Go to the folders indicated above and move "[CurrentSettings].skyset" and "com.simulationcurriculum.SkySafari6MacPro.plist" to the Desktop so that you can restore them later if needed.

    3 - Restart SkySafari. SkySafari will create new default versions of the files.

    4 - See if the problem is resolved. If not, you can quit SkySafari and move the original files back to their original locations which will restore your customized settings.

    If the problem is solved, then you can delete the files that you moved to the Desktop. However, you may want to keep them around until you have re-configured all of your settings back to the way that you had them.

    If the problem remains, you may want to delete and reinstall SkySafari completely.

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    Keiron Smith

    Harel Boren update to MacOS 12.3.1 and the issue goes away.  I reproduced the issue with 12.0.1 and resolved it by updating to 12.3.1.

    Thanks Dean for your insight here - you made all the difference to a quick resolution!

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    Harel Boren

    Hello Dean, I am actually writing to you from Namibia. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this quick and effective fix - just updating to MacOS 12.3.1 made all the difference. And about Sky Safari Pro 6 - it would be wonderful to have the voice explanations run on the Mac as well. I now find myself turning back to my iPhone to hear them. But all in all - a wonderful and very satisfying experience. Cheers!

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    Harel Boren

    Thanks to Keiron too for looking into this !


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    Keiron Smith


    In SN8, right click on any object and choose "Audio Description".

    In SS6, select any object, select INFO, and select the Celestron Audio option.


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