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Hi i have the skywatcher virtuoso telescope and the sky safari 6 plus for Android and don't connect with the telescope. Why?

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    Andrea Bordoni

    I have the same problem. I bought a Celestron telescope - Star Sense Explore DX 130 and downloaded the applications for Android: SkyPortal (SkySafari 6) and StarSense Explorer. I would like to use SkyPortal to connect to the telescope, but when I click "Connect" I get an error message: "Celestron SkyPortal could not establish a wireless connection to the telescope. Make sure the telescope is plugged in and that you are connected to a WiFi network”. How do I connect the telescope to the WiFi network? Also, when I start StarSense Explorer, a message appears: "Device not compatible, unfortunately your device hardware is not compatible with Starsense." My phone is a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with Android 10 and I don't understand why the program doesn't work. Can someone help me? A thousand thanks!

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