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Starry Night Pro Crashes On MacBook Pro (2021 M1) Running OSX 12.4 (Solution: Installed Pro

I just purchased a 2021 M1 MBP. Installed my Pro 8 license on it and it initially stayed open and  I started doing some configuration. I closed it down and went to open it a little later and it crashes about 1-2 seconds after I open it every time. Tried reinstalling, rebooting, etc but no luck so far I do have the Mac crash report. The Pro 8 image I am installing is Starry_Night_Pro_8.1.0.2049.dmg. Thanks.


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    Tom Sutliff

    Well, loos like I fixed it. I finally found the email I was sent when I purchased it last year and it had a link to the download site. I downloaded the latest version (Starry_Night_Pro_8.1.1.2079) and it seems to be running fine. Thanks.

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    Keiron Smith

    Well done, Tom!  Clear skies and enjoy SN8 Pro!

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