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How To Rotate SS7 Plus Scope Display Crosshairs Using Local/Horizon Coordinates? (Answer: Read On!)

In SS7 Plus the scope display crosshairs are fixed and don’t rotate with the cardinal directions when using Local/Horizon coordinates. They did with SS6, which was helpful for orientation my non GoTo GEM when star hopping. Settings are the same on both, is this a bug or am I missing something?


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    Brendan McCarthy

    Thanks for your response Kieron.

    It seems that on SS7 the crosshairs reflect the coordinate system chosen, so point to the north for equatorial and to the zenith in local, which makes sense.

    However, I’m usually in local mode so I can find things in the sky with the horizon etc and when zoomed in at the eyepiece it was handy on SS6 to have the crosshairs pointing north to help with orientation. The cardinal directions work but are now detached from the crosshairs (which are fixed in local mode), which means I keep having to toggle the rings on and off to get the directions on screen as they only sit on the outer most ring.

    I guess I’ll need to live with that, it’s just more awkward for me than it was on SS6 when I could see equatorial morth on the crosshairs while in local/horizon mode.

    Unless there’s a way so can replicate this through the settings?



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