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How To Configure SkySafari 7 Pro + Celestron Nexstar 8SE Using SkyPortal WiFi Module? (Answer: Choose ScopeType: Celestron WiFi)

I am looking for step by step instructions for connecting Sky Safari 7 Pro to my Celestron Nextar 8SE?
I have SkySafari 7 Pro installed on the latest Ipad Air (4th generation) and connecting to a Celestron Nextar 8Se telelscope with a 
SkyPortal wifi module installed. Prior to opening SkySafari i open settings on the ipad and connect the wifi to the Skyportal Wifi Device.

I tried configuring under the SkyFi option and the Other option.  Under the SkyFi option when i click on "Scan Network For Device" SkySafari 7 shuts down and i have to re-open it. When i skip that option and go back to the main screen and try to connect it doesnt connect.  

when i try to setup the scope in SkySafari under presets, i am not able to get it to connect to the Celestron wifi (Celestron A33)

i didnt find anything exactly related to my issue and equipment and software. Also didnt see SkySafari listed under the privacy tab on the Ipad.

As an FYI, Skyportal and SkySafari 6 have no issues connecting.

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    Rob Bleistein

    issue resolved as posted by another user.

    Just needed to select Celestron Wifi as my scope

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