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How To Connect Starry Night 8 + Orion 8"Newtonian Telescope + SynScan V5 Firmware? (Answer: Read On!)

I have a orion 8 in. newtonian telescope with synscan v5 firmware 4.39.15, connected to my computer with a usb a and b cord.  Operation system is windows 10 .  Just recently upgraded to Starry Night pro.  I have downloaded ascom platform. I am confused which drive to use from the dropdown box choices..  I have tried eqmod ascom5/6 which gives an error code that it didn't  load. Other internet article mention using skywatcher telescope.  When I put in the values asked for and press ok then connect  a new window starts to form and then the program crashes. So which of the choices from the dropdown box do I use? A step by step instructions on how to connect my computer would be great.  Thanks Michael


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    Keiron Smith


    Please read and complete the following info:

    1. App and version number - SNPro 8
    2. OS version number - Windows 10
    3. Scope make and model - 
    4. Hand controller firmware version number - synscan v5 firmware 4.39.15
    5. WiFi hardware (i.e. SkyFi 3) - none
    6. Serial cables - usb a and b cord?  How exactly do you have the USB cable connected?  Please provide a photo.
    7. Ascom Platform version?
    8. Ascom driver? Install the hand controller driver from here:
    9. Alignment type process via hand controller? Star-align your mount before trying to connect with SNPro 8.


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