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Where Is A Link To Find SS7 Pro In The Google Play Store? (Read On!)

I got an email today: Sky Safari 7 Pro for $24.99.  Searched Play Store on my Android phone, and all I could find was Sky Safari 6 Pro for $19.99.

Where is version 7?


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    Matthew Hjelle Official comment

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your interest.  Here is the link:


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    Dan Prall

    Thanks, Matthew,

    That link indeed shows SS7 Pro for $24.99, but underneath says "the app is not available for any of your devices". If I order it on my PC, how do I get it working on my phone?  BTW, I'm 81 and I'm not the sort who stares at a phone all day [no personal insult intended].  In fact, I only carry it when I'm going to the boonies [as I did after my first post to shoot the sky] in case of car breakdown.

    So is there a way to do what I said?  Order on PC, use on phone?

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    Matthew Hjelle


    When you are looking from your PC, do you see that you are signed in with your Google account?  If so, is it the same Google account you have logged in on your Android phone or Android tablet?  If so, can you tell me what the make/model is of phone and is it running Android 10 or higher?  We are likely in a situation where you either don't have your Google account logged in correctly on each device or you are running a version of Android that needs to be updated on your phone.


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    Dan Prall

    That did it.  I was trying to get it on an older phone that I only use for apps that wouldn't go beyond Android 8.1.  So I updated my newer Moto G7 from Android 9 to 10, and was able to buy SS7 Pro.

    Thank you very much, Matthew.

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