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[Feedback] Should Settings > Solar System > Planet Limiting Magnitude Automatically Change As Sky Chart Is Zoomed In Or Out? (Please Let Us Know)

The limiting magnitude for stars and deep sky object (as configured in the settings menues) does change automatically when I zoom in or out the sky chart. This way there is always a reasonable amount of objects shown in the sky chart. So far so good.

The same does NOT apply for the limiting magnitude setting in the Solar system menue ("Planet limiting magnitude"). This is very annoying, because I can not choose a setting (e.g. 9mag) that does look good for the full sky and at the same time shows me all the smalls moons of Saturn when I zoom-in to the planet (see attached screenshoots for 9mag and 20mag).

Same problem already exists in Sky Safari 6 Pro

I think the setting of the limiting magnitude should behave the same way as for stars or deep sky objects. 

Roland Stalder


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Roland, thank you so much for your feedback.  I've created a ticket for this request.  I'm curious if other users have an opinion on this issue?  Please post here.

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    Mike Atkins

    I've read the above and have noticed that too. I never really thought about it while bug hunting but it does make perfect sense. I like the idea and am in favor of it as well.

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