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[Bugs]* Cannot Sort Objects In Observing Lists, When time Is Not Now Short Object Info Is Incorrect, Jupiter Can Not Be Selected In Events Finder, And Now Button In Events Finder Obscured By Android Nav Bar

Hi, I'm enjoying the new version but found the following bugs:
- Cannot sort items in observing lists. When you click the sort icon you get a blank screen.
- In event finder when you try and filter planetary events Jupiter is always not selected despite selecting it.
- When time is set to anything but Now, the short object information is incorrect eg. Rises, Magnitude and Size all 16:18:07
- I cannot select the Now button when editing dates in event finder. It is obscured by the android navigation bar


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    Keiron Smith


    Please always provide the following info:

    1. App and version - Pro
    2. Android OS - 
    3. Android device -

    Please attach a screenshot showing the NOW button obscured by the android navigation bar.

    Thank you for your report!

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    Dylan Evans

    Android 11

    Redmi Note 11 pro





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    Pedro Braganca

    Thanks Dylan.  A number of issues here.  The first 3 have been reported but your information provided additional info for #3.  I've created a new ticket for the last one.

    DevOps reference:

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    Dylan Evans

    Thanks for the feedback

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