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How To Decrease The Number Of Star Names? (Answer: Settings > Stars > Star Name Density)

In my Samsung A52 Android 12 UI 4.1, when I zoom the brightest stars in the field are shown full name (e.g. HD 5467378484, gaia 345474893987, sao54563737....), taking a lot of space. Very annoying.

Luckily, that is not happening in my Samsung tablet S5e.  Android 11 UI 3.1. Here only main star names are plotted, as I desire.

Both run SSPro using the same settings 

Ss6Pro does not have this issue in any of the devices.


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    Robert Barron

    Have you tried changing the Star Name Density?

    settings -> stars -> star name density

    I lowered it to 10% and I got much less clutter of star name.

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    Santiago Barroso

    Thank you! That was indeed the issue. Density should be 10% or below

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