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[Scope Control]* Video Illustrating Tracking Problem With SkySafari using Celestron Wi-Fi (Duplicate)

Below is a link to a video I posted on You-Tube to show the problem I am having with tracking using SkySarfari 7 and Celestron Wi-Fi.

As the video shows, "Go To" works fine but SkySafari does not track the object. 

The first half of the video shows what happens when tracking is turned off.  The object drifts to the west to the edge of the FOV indicator in 49 seconds.

In the second half the video shows the object drifts to the North West to the edge of the FOV indicator.  in 50 seconds. 

This behavior changes depending on the location of the object in the sky.  In this case, the object was in the east.  Usually I have found that leaving tracking off works much better, especially with objects to the north.  I hope this will be fixed soon.

The You-Tube video can be found at 

SamSung Galaxy Tab S6, Model SM-7860, Android Version 12
SkySafari Pro Version
StarSence HC;  Ver: 01.22.21333  Bld: Jan 20 2022 14:36:50



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