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StarSense Autoalign with iPhone AND IPad

There are times I want to use my iPhone when observing alone, and my iPad Pro when sharing a viewing with a group.  Is it possible to share/transfer a single master StarSense Autoalign setting for my Celestron between the iPhone and iPad?  By copying a settings file?  Or do I need to go thru and do a master Autoalign, and fine-tuning alignments for/on each device?  It would be nice to have "one" master alignment that could be shared between multiple iOS and iPadOS devices. Maybe sync the master alignment with my OneSky or LiveSky account, allowing accurate access/control to my telescope from any device I own and have a licensed copy of SkySafari on?


While we are exploring the land of the possible, will you ever be able to use the physical positioning buttons on the telescope hand controller, while "controlling" the scope with SkySafari?  If SkySafari is in full comm mode with the scope, and the scope can report its alt/az with its encoders, why not allow the use of the physical buttons on the handheld, with the "master alignment" running in SkySafari?  I can feel the buttons in the dark on the handheld controller.  I can't feel the virtual buttons on my iPhone.


Thank you


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