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[### User Guide ###] How To Configure SkySafari 7 Pro + Celestron WiFi

For SkySafari 7 Pro please follow these steps.

Settings > Telescope > Preset > create Preset

1. Choose "Other Connection"

2. Choose "Celestron WiFi"

3. Choose "Alt-Az. GoTo.

4. Choose "Save Preset".

5. Select "Celestron WiFi" as your preset.

6. Via your mobile device, connect to your  Celestron WiFi network.

7. From the main menu bar choose Scope > Connect & Align

8. Tap the orange Celestron gear icon to open the Celestron sub menu.

9. Configure and complete your alignment process.



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    Ulrich Wagensommer

    Thank you for the great explanation. My Celestron Astro FI telescope works great and I was able to go stargazing straight away,

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    Dingo Fella

    Hello. Just purchased and swapping from the celstron supplied version. I have 3 questions please.

    1. I notice Set Time & Location is not ticked. Should it be? If I tick it and save preset, then the next time I edit it it is not ticked. So I don't know the status.

    2. I was hoping to have 2 profiles, one for direct and another for access mode. I probably don't need to do this, it seems to remember the wifi settings when changing the saved profile. But when I added/edit a second preset and saved it using a different name, it seemed to change the settings in both presets. 

    Thank you.

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    Andrew Messent

    I used this procedure on my Celestron Evolution 6 to SkySafari 7 Pro and it worked perfectly, minutes later they were cooperating.

    Thanks Keiron!

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    Dr John Warner

    There is no Celestron orange gear logo on mine. It seems to connect to wifi, but will not control the movemet at all. (SF 7pro)

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    Keiron Smith


    If you don't see the orange Celestron gear icon then either:

    1. You are not connected to the Celestron WiFi network, or...
    2. You are not using a Celestron WiFi preset.


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