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[LiveSky] Can One LiveSky Account Customize The Data Synced For Different Devices? (Answer: Not At This Time)

I have an Android 9 tablet running SS Pro 6 and an Android 12 phone running SS Pro 7. They're both logged into my LiveSky account. I just realized that when (for example) I delete an observing list from one device, that deletion is replicated to the other device.

Is there a way to keep them connected to LiveSky but disable this cross-device (indeed, cross-version) replication? That is, without creating a separate account for each device?

I don't know how it actually works internally, but I would've expected each device registered in LiveSky to have its own unique "repository" (for lack of a better word). Changes on that device would be effectively backed up to its repository (only) but absolutely not shared with other devices nor their repositories. Obviously that's not how it works. I like the backup functionality but not the replication. Replicating changes prevents unique configurations per device, can cause duplication, etc., etc.



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    Hi Len,

    the sync between multiple devices is a feature and I am using this. I want all my lists synchronized between all connected devices. I think you will have to use seperate Logins if you don‘t want the sync feature to use.

    best regards,


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    Keiron Smith


    As Markus said, you would need to create another live sky account using a different email address.  You could reinstall and create the new LiveSky account via the app.  Or, go to, create the new account and then login to it using SS7.  If you would like to see LiveSky customized for different devices please create a new posts in the Feature Requests, and we can see how much support there is for your idea.


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