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[UI Issue]* How To Show The Moon's Realistic Size About 0.5 degree In All Fields Of View?

Hi !

I am using android ssp7,

the view size of moon is too big when the field view is wide,  I have set the moon magnification to be 0✖️.

how to show the moon as realistic size(about 0.5 degree) in all field of view?


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Jun, I don't think we have a way to show the moon in real size at wide fields of view.  I'll speak with the dev team to add an option.

    DevOps reference:

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    Mike Atkins

    Working for me. This is a 1 degree FoV.


    SkySafari Pro Beta 

    Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

    Android 12/OneUI 4.1 


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