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If I'm Not A Professor Can I Still Purchase The EDU Versions Of SN8? (Answer: Yes)

I am looking into using this program strictly for planetarium use, I don't need telescope control or anything else.

I like the features in the college educational version, do they also include the educational features in the lower levels (elementary through high school)? Does it also contain the same features as Pro Plus (ie multiwavelength all sky surveys and photorealistic sky and DSOs)?

Do I need to be affiliated with a school or university to get these editions? Right now, I am just doing public outreach at star parties and libraries.

Finally, is there a discount available when using the software for the purpose of public outreach or for non-profits?


Thank you in advance!


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    Keiron Smith


    Please contact Michael Goodman with this query.


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    Mike Huber

    Done. Thank you!

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