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Is The Field Of View No Longer Accurate? (Can Anyone Else Reproduce This Issue?)

Hi. I have used SN PP8 successfully for years in order to estimate the FOV on my chip when imaging a target. I image with a Celestron 9.25 Edge with 0.7FR and QSI 640. Lately I've noticed that the FOV indicator is not accurate. When using the FOV indicator for the above setup, the resultant FOV/image  on my chip is considerably smaller, ie: approximately the FOV in Starry nights when using the above setup without the focal reducer. What might have caused this change / inaccuracy, and how can I fix it? Thanks



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    Keiron Smith


    Please clarify this issue for us and we will review.

    Please provide the following info:

    1. App and version
    2. OS
    3. Computer make/model
    4. Your workflow with screenshots - showing us exactly what you are getting a results.
    5. An explanation explaining what results you are expecting to get instead, and why.


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    Thanks Keiron, but I’d rather not spend the time providing all of the above, expecting a reply three months later. The support for this product has really dropped off in recent years.

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