Starry Night 7 | How to Remove Unwanted Locations


    1. Go to Starry Night Prefs / Locations / Earth-E.txt <---- copy this txt file.
    2. Go to Starry Night Prefs / Sky Data / Locations (you will have to create this folder) / Earth-E.txt (paste the copy here).
    3. In a text editor open (the copy of) Earth-E.txt and delete all locations but the ones you want.
    4. Start SN7 >>> Set Home Location >>> Location list is yours only.


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      Thanks. That helped me a lot because i mainly use SN7 for learning the skies before I head out to one of a few places I go out to for imaging. It helps to have all the coordinates setup for those locations so I can just pick the one I am at in the field and keep moving.

      The other advantage of this is that the locations file can be shared across computers so that any of the licensed computers one owns can be loaded with the same exact locations and coordinates.

      I have found an easier way of dealing with this.

      If people go to the main/default Earth-E.txt located C:\Program Files (x86)\Starry Night Pro 7\Sky Data\Locations and rename it to something else so that SN7 does not see it anymore, then SN7 will only list the content of the file Earth-E.txt located at

      …\AppData\Local\Simulation Curriculum\Starry Night Prefs\Locations

      Originally this file is blank, and it will get populated by the custom locations. have programmed all my star party sites for this summer, my home, and a couple of dark sites I get out with colleagues with.


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      I wish to change my default viewing location in Starry Night 8 pro . It is currently set on Minneapolis. I am in California.

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      Keiron Smith

      Please see Help > User Guide.

      The manual is complete and comprehensive.