SkySafari Error | Your alignment target is too far from the telescope's actual position.


    SkySafari Error Message: "Your alignment target is too far from the telescope's actual position.  Please make sure you selected the right alignment target".

    Problem: Generally when you get this message, it means your initial alignment is not accurate.  When that far off, doing a local Align will not be able to correct the original alignment model. 

    Our rule for your scope type is that the object needs to be within 1º from where we think it should be based upon the alignment model in the mount.  If it is further than 1º away then there is probably some more serious problem; i.e:

    1. You have selected the wrong object to align on (e.g. you were centered on Jupiter but had some other object selected when tapping Align).
    2. The initial alignment model is very inaccurate.
    3. The time in the mount is different from the time in SkySafari.  A planet's RA/Dec is dependent on the time (unlike stars) so this error would really only happen with solar system objects.

    When you tap the Align button, we store an offset from where the mount thinks it is pointing to where you are saying it is pointing.  We apply that offset when doing GoTo or when showing the scopes reported location on the screen.  It has been our experience that if the offset is greater than 1º then this doesn't work well.

    Solution: Align again, with a detailed focus on accuracy.

    If Error Shows When Trying To Align On Planet: There is another possibility that the times in the mount and in SkySafari were not in agreement.  Since planets drift among the stars, if there is a significant difference (say a month or two) then the mount and SkySafari will think the planet is in different locations.  You might make sure you enable the "Send Time & Location" option in SkySafari to ensure the mount and SkySafari are working off the same time.




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      ken Wishaw

      My orion 14xxg using sky safari pro 5 via skyfi never aligns. In spite of super careful alignment with high power reticle eyepieces, the object is never in the eyepiece, frustratingly just outside my 10mm ethos. If I use the synscan controller the object will be in the eyepiece but with the software I have to re align every object. After 30 nights plus of trying it is always the same.

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      Chris Wrenn

      I am having the same issue.I have checked all of the solutions provided, still gives me this same Command Failure message. I have a Celestron 130 SLT, SkySafari 7 Pro and the most up to date iOS on iPad.

      Am I missing something?

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      Chris Wrenn

      By the way, I’m trying to begin with the Sun and I have theCelestron GPS unit as well